Engagement Photos: Dos and Don’ts

Engagement sessions a great way for us to get to know you. It helps a ton on the wedding day if you already know us and our style and how we interact. Plus if you know us, and we know you, we will all be more comfortable with each other on your wedding day.  This way we can capture the best images of you being you. Remember, this kind of portrait session hopefully only happens once in a lifetime, so it’s worth spending a little extra time and money to make sure that these portraits are ones that you are proud of. You, your kids, and your grand kids will be looking at these portraits forever and you will want to look your absolute best! It is important that your engagement photos show who you are. So take some time to discuss with your photographer what kind of photos would best represent you as a couple. Coming up with 5 adjectives that best describe who you are as a couple will help and your photographer make sure that you are happy with the end results.

Suggestions on what to wear:

Keep it simple! Simple equals timeless photographs.

– Wear something you love. Make sure it’s ‘you’.  It’s best not to wear something you are going to wish you didn’t in a few months.

– Don’t be too trendy. Styles come and go and you are going to be looking at these pictures for a very long time.

Wear something you are comfortable in. If you aren’t comfortable it will show in the pictures.

– We like to encourage couples to bring at least two to three changes of clothing, it gives variety to the photos. First, a more casual set of clothing such as jeans and coordinating shirts and secondly, a more formal set of clothing. This could be something that you might wear on a nice evening out, maybe a flirty dress for her and nice pants and a button up shirt for him. If you’re not sure what to wear and you can do it, bring along as many options as you can! Once you get to the site and have a feel for the type of images that will be created there, you will have a better idea of what colors and what type of clothing to wear. It’s always a good idea to have your clothes prepared (cleaned, pressed, hung up, etc) ahead of time, but if you can’t, bringing along a spray bottle of Wrinkle Re-leaser or another smoothing agent is a great idea.

– Try not to be too ‘matchy matchy’. It’s been done. Coordinate your outfits yes. But try not to wear the exact same thing.

– Be sure to bring clothing to keep warm. Many locations are very windy in the afternoon. If you are freezing it’s not easy to get pictures of you looking relaxed and comfortable. 🙂

– Think about layering your clothing.

– It’s best not to wear tight jeans or clothes that are too tight and restrict movement. Or show curves and things you don’t want shown. (Or wouldn’t want your children to see). Clothing that fits well translates into more flattering images, which is the ultimate goal.

– Wear clothes that are the same level of dressiness. Don’t dress up and have your fiance wear everyday street clothes.

– Wear pants (or a skirt) that you don’t mind sitting on the ground with (grass, sand, earth) or rolling up for the beach.

– Think about your footwear. Bring dress shoes for elegant attire, sandals for the beach, also walking shoes for in between. We will be getting some full body shots so wear shoes you don’t mind having in photographs. It’s worth it to invest in a new pair of shoes for the shoot.

– Don’t forget about your socks! Make sure they match your outfits! (Ladies you may want to help your man with this.)



Solid colors in neutral and dark tones work best.

– Darker colors are slimming and easier to photograph. Think brown, rust, burgundy, black, olive, green, blue, and purple.

-Be sure to choose colors that are complimentary to both you and your fiancé’s complexion and hair/eye color.

-Avoid dark/light combinations, i.e. black jacket over a white shirt. Choose one or the other to wear alone or combined with other colors. If you want to wear either color, make sure the other person does not wear a color that contrasts it too strongly.

-The eye is always drawn to the lightest color in an image. If using several colors, choose the lighter color for the top and the darker color for the pants or skirt, so the eye is lead towards the face.

-Please try to avoid logos, neon colors, busy print patterns, such as flowery prints, stripes, tie-dyes and plaids, unless it is supporting the mood you want to convey.

Hair and makeup:

– Try to avoid cutting your hair or tanning immediately before the session, as these two situations can spell disaster. Try to schedule at least a week or more before hand.

– If you happen to get a facial sunburn immediately before your session it might be a good idea to call and reschedule.

– Jewelry should not be center of attention, but complement the overall look. Other accessories, such as hats and scarves can be used as a prop to achieve a certain effect or create a particular mood.

– Bring a comb or brush to fix your hair. Also something to tie your hair back if it’s very windy.

– Ladies, DO wear make-up, even if you normally don’t. Foundation helps create smooth, even skin. Unless you will have a make-up artist, come with your make-up already done. Bring it along for minor touch ups.

– Neutral eyeshadow will look best, try to avoid bright colors.

– Eyeliner should be worn on the outside of the lid not the inside.

– Its a good idea to wear an extra coat of mascara for the shoot to make your eyes stand out a bit, but try not to go overboard.

The moral of this story is to be COMFORTABLE! Have fun, and be yourself! All of the above are just suggestions and you can take or leave any of them. We just want you to have the best engagement session possible and we want you to LOVE your pictures. Wear what makes you feel great!

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