5 alternative wedding venue suggestions for a beautiful outdoor wedding.

5 Wedding Venue Suggestions

Oregon is a very beautiful state. Especially that short window between July and September when the sun shines almost every day. You could maybe stretch your window a month earlier to June, but it could rain as with October. These 5 alternative wedding venue suggestions could help you discover your perfect outdoor wedding venue. Why do we call this list alternative. We just do. Maybe they don’t have the best facilities to get ready in or maybe they just lack air conditioning. But whatever the supposed inconvenience they make up for in natural beauty.

We personally chose August to get married 8 years ago in an outdoor wedding on our parents property in Junction City, Oregon. We love DIY weddings we had one. But if we had to do it over again we might consider these 5 Oregon Destination Wedding Venues.

 Heceta Head Lighthouse Bed & Breakfast | Yachat’s, Oregon

#1 on our list would be Heceta Head Lighthouse Bed & Breakfast. For us the area is absolutely beautiful and the Bed N Breakfast would allow us to have an intimate wedding. So many possibilities for photos from the historic lighthouse to the beach and everywhere in between. If you would like to see a slideshow of a wonderful small wedding we photographed there please the photo above.  Why is Heceta Head Bed and Breakfast on our alternative list. Well mainly because it is a state park. You will have to realize that tourists will be nearby. They may gawk at your wedding from a distance or even crash it. Who knows….


 Domaine Meriwether | Veneta, Oregon

#2 on our list would be Domaine Meriwether in  Veneta Oregon. It’s a vineyard. They have great wine and the grounds have a huge field that you could basically do what you want with. It has a perfect tree as a back drop and rows of grapes and lots of open space. The tasting room can be used as an indoor reception area.

Mt Pisgah Arboretum | Eugene, Oregon

#3 on our list of alternative wedding venues for Oregon would have to be Mt. Pisgah Arboretum in Eugene Oregon. Once again very beautiful setting. Probably a reasonable fee. That’s for you to decide. It’s on our alternative list because it is a park. Probably one of the busier parks in the summer.

 Along Came Trudy | Springfield, Oregon

#4 Would be a relatively new wedding venue called Along Came Trudy in Springfield, Oregon. It features a riverside setting. Filbert orchard and a great open-ended barn for the reception. The place is new and the owners are eager to please.

 Laurelwood Christian Academy | Jasper, Oregon

Laurelwood Christian Academy Wedding-81

#5 on our list is Laurelwood Christian Academy in Jasper Oregon. This place is beautiful right along the river. They have a huge barn that can be used too. It has options. Only possible downside. Its a memory maker really. The train. It went by during the ceremony you could not hear a thing. But it gave everyone especially the Bride and Groom the opportunity to look around at all the people that came to see them.

We want to hear from you. What is your favorite alternative outdoor wedding venue? Leave us a comment below. Thanks!

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