50 Shades of Grey an example of our Black and White Wedding Photography.

How we get our Black and White Wedding photography edits.

Disclaimer: No we have not watched  50 Shades of Grey and we probably won’t. But it seemed like an interesting way to seg-way into todays wedding  photography post.  One of the things our clients like to know is how do we edit our wedding photos? All of our photos are culled and color corrected individually.  That means we make sure everything looks good by adjusting the exposure and color balance. We strive for a consistent look throughout the wedding gallery. We selectively choose about 10% of a wedding gallery to become a black & white photograph. We prepare ourselves for that process by watching a great black and white movie like Casablanca and eating too much popcorn. Then we corral our selects up and…..

We then drain the color out, slowly like a leach, sucking blood until we are left with nothing but shades of beautiful grey.

We tend to choose photos that have an emotional spark to them. Black and white photography can distill an image down to the essentials light, shadow, composition, and emotion. Here is an example of about 70 photographs culled from a wedding at day at Heceta Head Lighthouse Bed and Breakfast that were delivered to the client in Black and White. Oh and they are about 50/50 half are Jayme’s Photos and half are Russell Photos. If you click on a photo you can see it as full screen slideshow.  Feel free to let us know what you think in the comments below and or share this post if it makes you happy. Cheers Russ & Jayme Elsevier

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