Russell & Jayme Elsevier I Our wedding story in photographs

We wanted to share our beautiful wedding day story with you.  For our wedding we chose an absolutely amazing photographer who is a very special friend that I first met in college. So we share some history. His name is Jason Koski and he lives in Upstate New York with his wonderful wife Sarah and their two beautiful daughters. Jason & Sarah met in Bellingham when Jason came out to live with me for a short time ( I am not easy to live with. Just ask my wife or any of my former college roommates). Sarah worked at the local photo lab developing his film. They had good chemistry and the rest is history. Lol. On our wedding day he chose to use film and a very old Olympus manual focus (with no power winder) camera. He is a true photojournalist. There was no checking the LCD screen for exposure or blinks or missed moments.  He worked really hard on the wedding day! Captured fantastic moments and I am forever thankful!

Our wedding took place on a beautiful sunny day on August 26, 2006 almost eight years ago! Wow time really flies by. Jayme and I met while working for a regional airline and we were living in Denver, Colorado at the time. We got engaged in September 2005 in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. We decided to have our wedding at her parents home in Junction City, Oregon the following year. So much work was done by Jayme’s parents, Rick & Marita Mickelson! Thank you so SO much!  Also, thanks to pretty much the entire Mickelson clan they did a lot! Marv & Marlene, Melody & Doug, Jesse, Justin, Logan, the list goes on. Our wedding was truly a family affair. My parents Ann & Wayne helped a lot. My Grandmother, Joyce Schuman did all of the gorgeous  flower arrangements. It was so special to have everyone pitch in to make the day perfect!

How does one go about choosing a wedding photographer, if they themselves love photography? I remember enquiring about only one local (salem) wedding photographer at the time in 2005. I admired his work, Juan Carlos Torres. He was booked. I have so many photographer friends from College that are so good at their craft that I had a list of potential candidates a mile long. I already knew that I was going to invite Jason & Sarah to our wedding. I asked Jason about the possibility of photographing our wedding and thankfully he said yes! So the least we could do was fly them out, and give them a place to stay.

Our wedding was DIY to the core. Fantastically personal, full of family and friends. We even managed to plan the whole thing without Pinterest! People ask ‘Would you do anything different?” The answer is no, but if I was planning the wedding now, with the experience I have attending and photographing so many weddings we would hire a DJ. Specifically Barry MacGuire. My only real regret is when you ask one of your best friends to photograph your wedding they, don’t really get to enjoy your celebration as much. As someone who now works full time as a wedding photographer I would now maybe look towards hiring someone else, but not as close of a friend. So that Jason and I could have just hung out and celebrated the fact that I found someone crazy enough to marry me! Maybe, Craig Fritz and Kitty Clark? If you are looking for absolute wedding day artistry check them out on google.

I just can’t stop looking at these photographs. Like a fine wine, they just keep getting better with time. Jason just amazes me. He is a true photo ninja! He captured every angle and we never even knew he was there!

Without further ado I present to you OUR WEDDING DAY! I just want to say again how thankful I am to have such amazing friends and family. Thank you to all who volunteered their talents into making our wedding day a success!


Thank you!

Jayme & Russ




This is Sarah and our amazing photographer Jason Koski 😉 THANK YOU  THANK YOU  THANK YOU!!!

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  • Barbara

    Awesome!! Thanks for sharing!ReplyCancel

    • Russell

      You are welcome! It’s really funny as time go forward these photos just get more and more precious.ReplyCancel

  • What a beautiful wedding for such a beautiful couple! I’d love to hear the story of the giant toasting glasses. Made me giggle just to see them.ReplyCancel