Top two most important things you should know when hiring a wedding photographer

We met with a potential client last week to discuss her upcoming wedding. During that time she was perusing one of our beautiful wedding albums from a previous client’s wedding. We got to talking about how we came to photograph that particular couple’s wedding. I explained that they hired us with less then 30 days notice before their wedding. (I will save that story for another day maybe.) Then I mentioned that one thing that was so awesome about them is that they had us over for dinner at their house. The potential client cut in and said “Wait, you can do that?” I responded  “Sure! Why not?” She had no clue you could become friends with someone you hire. It just didn’t make sense to her.

We didn’t have the opportunity to connect through an engagement session with the clients in the album, but we did connect, just by becoming friends, and the photos we made just a few weeks later turned out great! Everyone involved loves them. Of all the different advice out there about wedding photography, I would say two things are of utmost importance. First, you should love the photographs the photographer shows on his or her website and in their wedding albums. And secondly, that you connect with the photographer. There is no one you will spend more time with on your wedding day, next to your spouse of course. We do not always get the opportunity to connect, but that is probably one of the biggest reasons we are such fans of the engagement session. It is just a great time for us to get know you and vice versa. Our style throughout the day is mostly candid, except when direction is appreciated like the during the formals. We always strive to get at least a few fantastic portraits of you as a couple on your wedding day, whether you give us 15 minutes or an hour. For the rest of the day we mostly enjoy just being documentary photographers, after all it is your wedding day! We would love to be considered friends, honored guests, and then photographers. ~ Russell Elsevier

130907 Kaitlin & Scott Wedding-5476

I love this photo! It is special to me because it captures two different and equally amazing couples that chose us to be their wedding photographers. Who know’s who we might photograph next. Another couple from this wedding maybe? 🙂

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