Molly & Brady I Eugene Country Club Eugene, Oregon

We first met Molly and Brady at the Eugene Wedding Showcase in early October while they were searching for photographers. We chatted a bit. Things went well and we later met at 16 tons over drinks to talk some more. We are so happy that they chose us to be their wedding photographers! Their wedding took place on August 10th at the Eugene Country Club. They planned on a pretty big wedding of about 200 guests. They have a lot of friends and family and that made the day even better! They chose our favorite DJ Barry Macguire who kept the party going all night! Everyone danced and had the time of their lives! The ceremony was outside on the green at 6:30 pm, just about the perfect time for wonderful light. The day was mostly overcast with a chance of thunder but the thunder never came, except on the dance floor maybe! Molly’s Floral Designer was Judy Haskins and the flowers were gorgeous! They even had a crazy booth provided photographer David Hicks.

We had a fantastic time being their wedding photographers! We did an engagement session with them earlier in the spring. It went really well and we got some great images. On the wedding day they were just amazing and comfortable in front of the camera. We highly recommend the engagement session! It’s like a dress rehearsal for the wedding. We just LOVE outdoor weddings with evening light! The light is so soft and beautiful. Immediately following the ceremony we were able to take them away for about 20 minutes to make some great portraits! Jayme had a blast driving the golf cart trailing after Molly & Brady! I think I almost fell out trying to photograph them as we were moving along!

Brady Hyde’s vows to Molly on the wedding day. Brings a tear to my eye every darn time!

Molly approached Jayme with a grand plan following the engagement session. She wanted to give Brady something to remember and cherish forever.

She had a boudoir session done with Jayme and the images turned into a beautiful album.

We made sure all the groomsmen were outside the room when he opened the gift! I did however catch Brady blushing pretty good!

Molly reads a touching note from Brady. There wasn’t a dry eye in the room.

Absolutely Stunning!

The first look. We made Brady wait so long!

Beautiful flowers by Julie Haskins

They had to be bribed with lots of candy to get them to walk down the aisle!

Shameless Selfie – Jayme and I on the golf cart goofing around. We really need to get ourselves one!

Molly & Brady are off on their honeymoon in Europe, but we wanted to blog a little preview of the wedding! We can’t wait to hear about their adventures and see them when they get back! We really enjoyed their family and friends. We have more to come! Like our facebook page if you want to be informed when we blog again. They had crazy fun reception full of dancing, heartfelt toasts, heavy appetizers, a crazy booth, beer & wine, and a brownie and ice cream bar by Sweet Life! Oh and once again, The DJ Barry MacGuire is the best in Eugene! Don’t take our word for it just ask the guests!


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