Brittany & Matt I Laurelwood Academy Jasper, Oregon Part II

Jayme and I returned home today from a wedding in Portland about an hour ago to find a package on the doorstep. 3 Rolls of film I left in Bellingham to be processed by Quick Silver Photo  Lab last week. The past couple of weddings I have brought my film camera with me and when I thought about it took it out and used it. Film is classic and beautiful! These two images are from Brittany and Matt’s wedding on the 13th of July. One is Ektar 100 and the other is TMAX 400 a B & W film. My thoughts are running towards offering film as an option to our wedding coverage in 2014. Very pleased with the results and I love the surprise film gives. There is no immediate gratification….It takes time to process, and scan. I like that. Share more later. For now I am really tired. But I wanted to share this before going to sleep.


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