Pacific Northwest Publishing Grand Opening

Jackie Jae Cowsill sent us an invitation earlier in the month to attend the Grand Opening of Pacific Northwest Publishing across from the Eugene Hilton. Jackie and Jason Cowsill would be performing with their 8 member band Troupe Carnivale featuring Whitney Moulton on bass and Don Elkington on drums. I do not yet know everyone else in the band. But I will. Ballet Fantastique would be providing visual entertainment. We were told it was a time for us to relax and enjoy the show, and we did! Pacific Northwest Publishing put together an incredible house. There were appetizers spread throughout the building and Ninkasi beer on tap. I couldn’t come without my camera, so I brought it along with an extra lens. No flash, no bag full of equipment! But then they started to perform and Ballet Fantastique put on an amazing show. I figured this event would have an onsite photographer documenting everything. (I even saw a beautiful RED Camera System upstairs sitting unused….I cried a little). But when I noticed not much in the area of visual documentation I decided to do what I could with what I had. We loved the music by Troupe Carnivale and the performances by Ballet Fantastique. I didn’t do much other than cull the images and blog them. Here they are! Enjoy! There might be more photos tomorrow but it’s late…

open house at pacific northwest publishing featuring Troupe Carnivale and Ballet Fantastique

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