It’s coming down the wire or the opening curtain call….

It’s Sunday night and new Theatre production by Mary Huls and the Phoinix Players will be opening this Thursday at the Red Cane Theatre in Eugene at 1075 Chambers Street. The Phoinix Players finished their last musical theatre production a little over a week ago. In that time they have built a new set and are quickly learning a new act. The play is called a Christmas to Remember. It was just two Christmas’s ago that I first learned of the Phoinix Players and how amazing they are. Jayme and I witnessed a performance at the Junction City Christmas Parade. It was fantastic. I remember the Players dancing and flipping and singing all along the parade route. A month later I watched them perform live in the Sunshine Honky Tonk and I was hooked. Not only do I love musical theatre. Recently watched Wicked at the Hult Center. We are also good friends with the cast and director. These Phoinix Players have been at rehearsal this Sunday for over 12 hours they started at 10am and were not yet finished at 10pm when I left… and no I wasn’t there as long as they were. I am not that crazy lol. Close….but not quite….They are dedicated, hard working and fun to be around!!! These photos are a few of my favorites. I decided to convert them to B&W to see the impact. The original color versions are awesome. But I like to see how they work when the photograph is all about the quality and direction of light and the emotions displayed by the performers. You will have to let me know what you think about it by leaving a comment or sharing if your like the post. -Russell Elsevier

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