I am going to scoop the Eugene Weekly ha ha! Only not really since I am a photographer and not a writer!

If you happen to be friends with Jayme & Russ you have probably either heard of or seen our friends the Phoinix Players a theatre troupe most recently performing in Junction City, Oregon. What you may not know is that the Phoinix Players are now opening a new theatre in Eugene Oregon. Yes that is correct the amazing theatre troupe that you traveled all the way out to small-time Junction City is now going to be performing in Eugene. Where you say? How about next to Ring of Fire on Chambers. You want more information of course! Well stay tuned for next weeks Eugene Weekly review by none other then Rick Levin. He will give you the inside scoop. But for now I will tease you with a couple of photos of rehearsal captured today. You may ask yourself why I enjoy photographing the Phoinix Players. Well number one reason is that we are friends. Number 2 reason is it’s difficult. See I don’t pose them or even ask them to do anything for me. I just show up, set up my lights if needed and document them working or I should say rehearsing. The theatre has a new name and new location. Same amazing Director Mary Huls and a good portion of the previous theatre troupe has followed her vision of a brighter future in Eugene Oregon! You are probably saying hey he forgot the name of the theatre. Nope! I am just going to let the Eugene Weekly tell that story.


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