Sprout! First Annual Stalk-Holder Celebration

So some of you may know we moved recently to Springfield from Junction City. Our first month here and we couldn’t be happier. It seems that this community is really working hard to support local business and improve the downtown community. Last night we walked around downtown and noticed that is was “Second Friday Art Walk” the event brings together local business and art in a way that draws respectable crowds to the local community. Lot’s of enthusiasm. We were handed a flyer about Sprout!, First Annual Stalk Holder Celebration. A tour of the Future home of Sprout! at 418 A Street a historic down town church. Jayme was really excited about the idea of having a farmers market just a block away from where we live. We showed up just as the Oregon Tuba Ensemble was finishing up, we wish we had arrived earlier to hear them. The place was packed and people seemed really excited to be there and that we were there too. Jayme and I were both carrying our cameras but nothing else, no flash or camera bag, but this nice lady came up to me three different times to ask if I was with the Register Guard. Each time I was like nope, but I know someone there. 🙂

The building was beautiful but dark. The ambient light was not going to get me any pleasing photos. So I left Jayme to sample all the food, and check out the art. I walked home grabbed a single speed light (flash) and a manual trigger (a device that talks to the flash when not on the camera) and came back. I had visions of using the beautiful stained glass windows as a really cool light modifier. When I returned I sweet talked Jayme into holding the flash outside the church windows and created this and the following shot. I was pretty excited about them! They were different. Different than anything anyone else was going to create with an on camera flash. I know I have to work fast because Jayme doesn’t have a lot of patience for staring at a brick wall, outside in the cold, and looking like a total dork to passer by. I gotta admit that I am a lucky man. 😉

The first two photographs feature Artist & art student, at the Academy of Arts and Academics Tianna Kelton painting and some of the activity taking place around her. Then I had technical difficulty my battery on the manual flash trigger died, which as it goes is no big deal since this is all just for fun and I was sure that Jayme would be happier inside. 🙂  I had a back up battery it just wasn’t with me.

So I went home and download the few images I had shot and actually printed one for Tianna and gave it to her when I returned. She was like wow! You are so fast! I brought a second flash this time and two really small stands, talked my way up into the balcony and set up the flashes. By this time live music was being performed by Samba Ja. They were really fun. Jayme gave me some ear plugs to put in since my hearing sucks enough already!

Samba Ja!

Samba Ja Performing at Sprout First Annual Stalk-Holder Celebration 418 A Street in Springfield

A little about Project Sprout!:

This information is taken directly from a brochure handed to us today.

Sprout! is a regional community food hub project that brings together facilities for production, retailing and food-business development. The project goal is to increase local food consumption by 1% to keep money circulating in Lane County’s economy. The strategy Sprout! uses helps to fill holes in the local food production and retailing supply chain while also strengthening food businesses and preparing a competent workforce to contribute the the important food business cluster in the region.

This project is located in downtown Springfield in a historic church building, and is easily accessible from all corners of Lane County. Sprout! will be a draw for producers, vendors, and customers of all incomes from throughout the county. The project will increase production and consumption of local food, which will strengthen Lane County’s community food security, economic and environmental sustainability, and create a place for food industry workers and business owners to develop valuable skills.

If you want more information we suggest you go directly to their website www.SproutFoodHub.org.

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Russell & Jayme


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