Troupe Carnivale Recording At Gung-Ho Studio

Jackie & Jason Cowsill are currently in the process of recording original music for their band Troupe Carnivale at Gung-Ho Studio in Eugene Oregon. Producer and Engineer Billy Barnett is engineering the analog recordings. They are accompanied by Whitney Moulton on bass and Don Elkington on Drums/Percussion/Wood Fish… Billy Barnett is also adding original sounds by using mallets on piano springs and playing a twelve string guitar. I am a visual guy I can not speak their language I just enjoy the music.  They hired us to come by the studio and capture the process visually. It has been a lot of fun! It was our first time in a recording studio. I thought we had a lot of equipment lol. I really enjoy photographing people that work hard at their craft. Definitely an awesome weekend. 🙂 We can’t wait to do it again! The visual wheels are a turning and I have photographic ideas I want to try. Gung Ho Studio has soul! It’s the place where music is born! You can just close your eyes and sit in the sound booth and imagine all the incredible artists & musicians that have recorded here. Billy Barnett was such a joy to watch working his craft, and of course we have much love for Jackie and Jason! But they know that already. 😀 -Russell
I have heard that Billy Barnett is your best choice for recording unless maybe you want to travel to LA. Watching him perform his craft was marvelous & impressive! 

I lit this photo of Jason Cowsill with two lights the light behind was gelled for ambiance.

Jackie Cowsill recorded her original music inside Billy's house. I guess that doesn't happen often. Billy had to be finished recording before his wife got home. 😀

I used a single off camera light source to photograph these images of Billy at work/play on piano using small mallets directly on the piano strings.

I love this photo of Don Elkington, Jackie Cowsill and Jason in the sound booth behind glass.

Long Live Analog! Inspired me to go buy some color film!

Whitney Moulton and Don Elkington in different sound booth photographed from inside the recording studio.

I hope these images do justice to process that is creating and recording original music.

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