2011 Metropolitan Choral Festival

Last night Jayme & I went to see the Metropolitan Choral Festival sponsored by the Metro Choral Directors Association & Kiwanis International being held at Willamette High School. Participating High Schools included Churchill, Cottage Grove, Creswell, Elmira, Junction City, North Eugene, Pleasant Hill, Sheldon, South Eugene, Springfield, Thurston, and Willamette. In all I believe there was close to 500 high school choir members performing in a packed school gymnasium. It was our first experience at the festival. We were invited by my brother, a senior at Thurston High School. The performances were wonderful. It was gratifying to see so many people come out to support the arts. One of the directors made an interesting statement about Choir Students having the highest overall SAT scores. The study believes it has to do with the dedication and discipline required to be in Choir. Since Jayme and I are definitely a supporter of the arts. One of us brought a camera and few lenses. Now most of these photos were taken from exactly the same position, our seats. I did feel inclined to get up and shoot a few other angles when the need was there. We we there to listen and appreciate not photograph. Though it is hard for us not to take photos of people especially those that love the arts. Doing what they love to do. So here is our support of the Arts. A quick visual representation of the evening. Enjoy!

Willamette High School – Director Mike McCornack
Willamette High School – Director Mike McCornack
Willamette High School Choir Students
Junction City High School – Director Justin Lasley
Cottage Grove High School – Director David Larsen
Elmira High School Choir
Elmira High School – Director Amy Kappeler
Creswell High School – Director Sandi Green
Creswell High School – Flute Soloist Meghan Peet
Pleasant Hill High School – Chansonaires – Director Kris Kasten
Pleasant Hill High School – Ascensions Numbers
Mark Huisenga Director Thurston High Reacts to a joke made by Willamette Director Mike McCornack. 🙂
Thurston High School – Madrigal Singers – Director Mark Huisenga
Thurston High School – Madrigal Singers
Sheldon High School – Director Nancy Anderson

Churchill High School – Director Al Villanueva
South Eugene High School – Choir Director Chris Dobson
South Eugene High School Choir
Springfield High School – Director Stacy Swartout-Mckee

At the end of night Guest Director Dr. Wallace Long lead a Mass Choir consisting of all the students from the participating schools. Two songs were performed by about 500 students stretching from one end of the gym to the other. It was an awesome sight & sound. They performed Walk a Mile & Baba Yetu. I set my camera to video mode and recorded these performances. When I figure out how to post them here I will. If I made any mistakes with names or anything please send me an email and we will gladly fix it!  If you like what you see don’t forget to press “like” at the end of the post or “share”. Also we love it when you like our FB page. 🙂 Or feel free to leave us or the performing students some comment love.

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