We are 1 of 4 featured photography companies on the Eugene Country Inn Website :)

Way back when I was in high school at Thurston and starting my Love Affair with photography I remember attending the Lane County Fair and admiring the work of Bruce Berg. It always seemed that he “won” every contest he entered. It seems that everyone knows “Bruce” and he is an excellent photographer and marketer. There is Glenn Johnson of Aperture Photographics. “Mr Destination Wedding Photographer” who also has helped many aspiring wedding photographers by writing the book “Digital Wedding Photography: Capturing Beautiful Memories.” And then there is Richard May who has won multiple times “Oregon Wedding Photographer of the Year.

Why do I bring these big names in Oregon Wedding Photography up? Because I feel honored to rub shoulders with them on one of Eugene’s Premier Wedding Venues Web Page “The Eugene Country Inn“.

Here is a screen capture featuring the photography of Jayme and Russell Elsevier (just in case someone gets picky our photos are the bottom six. The one’s surrounding our logo.

What is really cool. Is that a few of our photos are now on display at the Eugene Country Inn.

We look forward to our next wedding at the Eugene Country Inn.

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