So you need an idea for date night? How about a little “Honky Tonk!”

It’s Jayme’s birthday week and I haven’t done much so far for her. We have been busy working on photography orders and meeting with future awesome clients. However tonight we went out on a date. We chose to go to the Star Theatre in Junction City. We had not yet had the opportunity to go and after tonight we realize we have been missing the boat! First of all let me preface by saying that I had first seen the Phoinix Players perform in the Christmas Parade in Junction and they took time to come  perform at rotary luncheon in Junction City for the business leaders. That planted the seed. We needed to go!

So you might be wondering what it costs. The answer very little! So at the door it is $10 a head. However we suggest as well as they do that you make reservations. We did.

I believe tonight there was only one table available. It looked like it was placed for last minute emergency seating. So it does sell out so please plan ahead! A phone call and your name is all it takes. 541-998-3862.

Now if you are wondering if all the seating is equal, I would have to say yes. I am going to post pictures from the performance and they were all taken from my seat or standing right next to it. You are at the most 10′ from the stage. Here is the fun part the performers interact with the audience throughout the night. First of all they sit you at your table and make small chat. Secondly they take your order and deliver the food. Seating starts at 6pm. The show starts at 7:00 they like to have everyone seated by 6:45.

They serve concession style food. Jayme and I both ordered Cheeseburgers and they were very tasty. We also had Root Beer Floats and a Desert of peach and cherry cobbler and side of vanilla ice cream. Our bill inside came to $21.00 so when it was all said and done the “Date night” with tip was right at $50.00. Was it worth it? HECK YES! In fact I can’t wait to come again and bring some more friends and family. The cast put on quite a show. I am a HUGE FAN!  I mean we are talking little Junction City, not Eugene!

Here is what I know, they can dance, sing, act, and have charisma! But more importantly I could sense their heart was in it! They love performing for you and it SHOWS!

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