3 reasons why this Homecoming was Epic for the Students of C.S. Lewis Academy!


1. The Watchmen Boy’s Basketball team won the Homecoming game. It was a close one too!

2. Chocolate Expresso Brownies were served by the fabulous Brownie Master Susan VanNoord at the McMinnville Grand Ballroom! They were super tasty. Thank you!

3. Russ and Jayme brought the CrazyBooth to combat the historical trend that your homecoming/prom photos are going to be boring! Not anymore!

C.S. Lewis Academy is a small private Christian School located in Newberg Oregon. We were invited by our friends the “Brady’s”  (and yes our friends name is Peter) 🙂 to photograph C.S. Lewis homecoming dance formals at The McMinnville Grande Ballroom on Saturday. We decided to come up a day early and stop by ProPhoto Supplies in Portland to drop a couple of benjamin’s on some ink, paper, velcro, clamps, cellophane. If you ever wonder why a professional photographer charges what they do go walk around in that store. (Twenty dollars for a piece of VELCRO?!?!)  Friday evening we went to the homecoming basketball game and of course we brought our gear.

It was a very close game that came down to the wire! The Watchmen came out on top! Both teams displayed great heart and teamwork. Photographing the game took me back to my early days as a freelance newspaper photographer. It had been a long time since I shot a basketball game. We are talking the days of film.

I remembered my Homecoming and Prom photos from way back, can we say BORING! So we did the boring for the parents and then we broke out the Crazy Booth! It didn’t take long for the line at the crazy booth to get busy! We brought props, and borrowed some props, and had FUN! I wish I had this option way back in the day!

More photos to come soon! We will let everyone know when the photos are up for viewing and ordering so you can order and have your own prints! 🙂 Right now they are going through our fabulousness pixelraminator. It’s kind of like working at Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory. We want to make sure they are just right!

Mike May of MoonDance Entertainment served up great music and a fantastic light show!

One of many fun moments captured at the Crazy Booth.

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