Something to think about. I’m gonna toot my own horn a little bit. :)

This bridal show had what was probably a record number of wedding photography companies to choose from. 13 in total. There were probably over 20 photographers at the show. Most likely you watched at least one fashion show, maybe you stayed for both. It was offered each day. Nothing really happens during the  fashion show. The majority of brides are enjoying the entertainment and scoping the fashion. Did you know that all the models volunteer there time for the event. You would think that with that many photographers. They would be repelling down the rafters like ninjas to get a shot from the show. The show was only 42 minutes long. It was a bonanza of moments and difficult lighting to overcome. It was a challenge and I like a good challenge. I was hoping to see some of my peers out their shooting for fun! We could have a little Bobby Flay style throw down. That didn’t happen. Most stayed in the dark or ate their lunch. So If my fellow photographers are blog stalkers I am calling you out! You have a year to prepare. Let’s give next years brides a showcase of photography talent. If you are going to be in the January Show 2012 and you want to play. Leave a comment. 🙂 I know that we have at least one photographer in our ranks with extensive experience shooting on the catwalk and I met an awesome former newspaper photographer this weekend also. Maybe I am little crazy. I was shooting today and I was wondering I wonder how….so and so…would approach this……That would be interesting. I think the brides would love it too! In fact if you are a bride and you think that would of been a really cool way to compare photography skill in one particular situation. Leave a comment. I remember coming to my first show a few years ago and watching solitary photographer with a lens that costs more then my car shooting the fashion show.  I was intimidated by the equipment. I realize now that was foolish. The picture is made with the equipment between my ears not the camera.

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  • I love the shots you got Russell. We have never been very happy with the photography we have of the fashion shows. Now I know why. We would love to have any of the photographers who have a booth in the Oregon Wedding Showcase participate as long as they let us see their work afterwards.

    Judy Van Valkenberg
    Show Producer
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