What a great Wedding Showcase today!

I think today was such a great day! There was a little stress this morning when we got a call from Whitney from the Oregon Wedding Showcase. I guess about 2am in the morning two of our framed photos came crashing down. I guess it gave the night security card quite a fright. He was in another part of the building all alone and didn’t quite know what to expect. We tried to rebuild the frames with wood glue and duct tape and staples. In the end they went in the garbage and we punted. Nobody but us knew our original plans didn’t quite go as planned. Oh well. My wife Jayme was fantastic at getting everything top notch. Mark from Mark Longstreet photography helped us out too! Thanks Mark. it was awesome meeting so many cool brides. It is always a big bummer to strike up a mini friendship only to find out your are already booked on their day. So our advice. If you fall in love with a photographers style and personality book them. They can only shoot one wedding a day. Make sure you lock in your favorite.

Well I snuck away during the fashion show to shoot some photos. If you missed it our want to relive it. Here it is! -Russell Elsevier Oregon Wedding Showcase Eugene Oregon Convention Center

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