Babies first moments! Professional Newborn Baby Portraits.


Newborn baby portraits documented!

Newborn baby portraits are a service we provide. Professional documentary photography covering the birth of your beautiful child is a service provided by Jayme & Russ. Are you about to have a beautiful baby. Talk to Jayme and Russell Elsevier of Harvest Moon Photography. You can put us on speed dial. If we are available we would love to photograph your babies first moments. 541-520-6582. Babies first moment sessions start at $250.00.  This service is available at RiverBend Hospital in Springfield and Mckenzie Willamette Hospital in Springfield. If by chance we are not available we will first attempt to find you a professional associate photographer or refund your fees. This is an awesome opportunity to document your babies precious first moments. First Bath given by the proud father, footprints being recorded, first hugs and kisses by family members. This is a unique service to have on call 24 hours a day a professional photographer.Newborn baby portraits!

Not sure you want your babies first moments documented at the hospital. We can come to your home to photograph you and your newborn in the comfort and warmth of your own home. We can schedule the session to best meet your needs and the babies.