Oregon Wedding Showcase Oct 17-18

We had our first wedding showcase at the Eugene Fairgrounds and we met lot’s of cool brides and a few grooms. A special thanks to all the Brides out there taking time to plan there perfect day. We wish you the best of luck. But it isn’t really luck if you do your homework and plan accordingly. Just like great photography! Great photography takes more then luck! It takes foresight, planning, and successful execution.

It was really great meeting all the other awesome photographers at the venue too!

We met Anne Nunn of AnneNunn Photographers. Her art is breathtaking. Her catchphrase is “Art in every moment.” it works great and describes her style brilliantly. We also met her lovely assistant Jessica.

Then we met Richard Roman of Richard Roman Photography he is a classy guy with beautiful wife & kids. His background in fashion photography really makes the brides look fabulous.

When we met this husband and wife team. Aaron and Amber of New Morning Photography. They were very friendly and willing to share information. They have been shooting for 10 years as a team. We hope to be as successful. They produce timeless albums.

If you are looking for a videographer for your wedding. Please take a look at Lights in the Attic. Jeffrey will take good care of you!

BBQ BBQ BBQ BBQ……..are your lips salivating, well ours were. Our booth was across from The Bates Steakhouse and they do catering the tri tip steak was mouthwatering delicious. Kept our tummy happy! While we were busy busy and couldn’t get away for lunch.

Now I have to admit I am a little biased here since I went to school with this guy. But seriously now if you need a DJ or a old school photobooth made new. Casey Westover of Destination Events has been in the business of problem solving for Brides and Grooms for a long long time. He’s got it all. Check out his rent-all solutions.

I am sure some of you may think we are crazy giving blog love to the competition. But really I don’t think of it this way at all. I believe that photographers single or plural have individual styles and personalities just like the brides and grooms. Nothing is more important then making sure the style and personality fit.

We started our business because we love photography. If the photographer you are hiring isn’t worried about whether you like their style and personality, buyer beware!

Jayme and I are fun-loving not too serious going wedding photographers. We love candid/photojournalism. We want to catch the real you. We aim to document your day as truthfully as possible. We aren’t going to tell you what to do. Unless it’s the formals, or a portrait. We are going to let you be you!

If you missed the Oregon Wedding Showcase. You have another opportunity to meet all the vendors again this January 9th&10th.

However we do highly recommend that whom ever you choose make sure you secure their services with a contract and retainer as soon as possible. There is no guaranteeing the venue, photographer, caterer, florist, wedding planner, or dress will be available if you procrastinate. So be decisive and best wishes!


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